An update and explanation

Although I doubt that there’s really anyone checking the site regularly yet I decided I would put up a small blurb so people don’t think I just set this thing up and forgot about it. (Especially since it costs me money to run the site)

So the update is:

Sam and I are in the works of organizing our content and deciding on our layouts FOR said content. Once we have a couple articles written we’ll take some time to do the corresponding photo shoots so that our beloved readers-to-be will be able to look at all the pretty pictures as they read through all our pretty words.

Now for the explanation:

This website is going to be a review based blog. There will also be some blogs that aren’t necessarily reviews but this is our website so we can do what we want. I will try to start off with a bit of a variety. Most of my reviewing will focus on my figures, figma, and nendoroids while Sam’s will focus on his figures, model kits, play arts figures, and 1/10 scale electric RC cars.

I think we will do combined reviews of any video games or movies we choose to review. We’ll also try to get pages up that summarize figures we have on order and intend on reviewing. I’d like everyone to assume that for now we will work our way through everything we have so that eventually all our figures/models/etc are reviewed on the site as well as all sorts of other nifty things that our readers will hopefully enjoy.

Cheers everyone! 🙂

About the Author

Dollfie Dream enthusiast, figure collector, anime lover, mystical internet unicorn.. I think that about sums it up.. ^_^