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  • What’s on your plate this season?

    So I found this very convenient chart that list all the shows, OVAs, and movies airing this season. It also includes small summaries about the shows. If you’d like a bit more detail on the shows airing this season please head over to Random Curiosity, one of […]

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  • Saber Lily’s Journey Part 2

    A glorious unboxing of Saber Lily! Heavy on the pictures and featuring Elle as well.

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  • Saber Lily’s Journey Part 1

    Saber Lily arrives at her first destination! Bob gives us some back story as to where she is headed!

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  • Bob Joins the Party

    So one day my lovely friend Laura ask me join this site to shove life back into it. It will also help improve my writing skills since, they are a bit lacking so please excuse any mistakes I make. I am notorious for leaving out […]

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  • Hyakka Ryouran!

    Collection Update: February 2011

    An in-depth look into how Laura and Sam display their plastic ladies! (And gentlemen too!)

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