Collection Update: February 2011

This photo-heavy blog entry is actually a re-post from the one I put up at Tomopop.  I’ve done a little tweaking and I’ve added a little extra explanation where I felt it was necessary. I also removed any information I felt wasn’t really relevant for on my site.

Before we get to the images, I want to apologise for taking so very long to actually start posting content. Please bear with me as I get into the swing of everything and hopefully I can develop a rhythm I enjoy. Also, for large images just click on the pictures and it should take you to the site’s Flickr account.

So this is what our apartment looks like, including the cute Sam-thing sitting at his desk since we share this space and merge our collection into one big display.

Most of our collection is in our living room with a bit in our bedroom. I really hope everyone enjoys the shots! ^_^

First off: a shot of the view people get as they come into our apartment! (Usually we keep the blinds as they’re shown to keep the sun off our pretty ladies.)

What you see as you enter our house!

Now for the goodies of our living space up close and personal! I’ll try to just let everyone soak in the images since there are so many. So let’s take a walk through our collection!

Detolfs - Living Room

Shelf Shot 3
(for those wondering, the large green dragon in the above shot is Fin Fang Foom from Thor. He is the second largest Hero Clix that was made – and he came in a couple different colours as well!)

Shelf Shot 2

Entertainment unit
(We not only have figures and toys, we also have 1/10 scale RC cars! The car in front of our BluRays is a limited Tamiya chassis done up as an Abarth Fiat 500. Its top speed is 34km/h or 21mph!!!)

Shelf Shot 1

Judge Gabranth
(Look! Sam sits at his desk tinkering away on one of his projects while Gabranth guards him!)

Strike witches

Nekobloomers and Kyouka!

Toro and Kuro with Tsuruya-san and Mikuru

Detolf shot 3
(That photograph is of us with a professional sumo wrestler doing the “Captain Morgan” and it was quite excellent.)

Detolf shot 2

Detolf shot 1


Fran and Balthier

KyoAni Mio

VN02 with Dark Phoenix

Rei and Yui Inaba

Koto Shining figures

Hyakka Ryouran figures

Alter K-On! figures

Nendoroid display part 2
(We use clear acrylic spice racks to help display our nendos, they work very very well! For those in the US you can find them at The Container Store, and for those in Canada you can find them at Solutions!)

Nendoroid display part 1

K-On! Nendos

Lucky Star figma

K-On! with the Alien Queen
(Revoltech Alien queen is HUGE – sorry for the blurry!!!)

Summer Wars

Danboard with Domos!

Figma Aegis and Metis
(Fun fact: the clear cases under Aegis and Metis are from the apple store! One was for a shuffle and the other had an adaptor in it!)

Figma BRS and DM

Figma Vocaloids

Figma Fate/Stay Night

Kaworu, Patlabor, DOMO

Kureha, Drossel, Aegis, etc

Real Image Yoko

Haruhi and Bakemonogatari
(Sorry for the blurry!)

Gift Yoko

Asuka and some vocaloids

TwoHeart 2 by Alter

Assorted FF heroes

Shiva and Snow

Odin and Lightning


K-On! Festival Set and friends

Game Toys

(I love Wall-E so very much)

FF10 and Kingdom Hearts figures

FF13 and FF12 figures

Evangelion Model kits

Model kits plus D-Arts Wargreymon

Girliest Model Kit ever

Yoko and Omnimon

Saber Maid and Velvet

Kyoukas! (with Rei and Luka)

Plug with Yamako Sensei

Creepy Woody with his Tsuruya-san
(Creepy Woody loves his creeper Tsuruya-san)

Bedroom Shelf
(The boudoir!)

Patricia with HoiHoi-san and Combat-san


Black Rock Shooter/Dead Master

Saber and Clalaclan!

Shelf of Epic

Koto and Freeing

Max Factory K-On! girls

Koto Eva girls


Ah our Dollfie Dream! She finally has a name: Elle! It only took me nearly 5 months to decide on one I liked… ^^;


And a treat for y’all! Our crazy yet affectionate water-loving cat: MoMo

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos, I tried to get in as many detailed shots as I could so everyone could take a closer look!

You’re a trooper if you made it all the way to this point, so everyone who does gets a gold star!

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