Saber Lily’s Journey Part 1

It all started last year when Laura and I saw teaser pics of Saber Lily. Laura freaked out and was like “I HAVE TO HAVE ONE”. It was probably a few weeks later that Volks announced they were having a lottery for Saber Lily and so I decided to help my lovely friend up her chances of winning one. Theresa, one of Laura’s other friends also entered the lottery on Dec 12, 2010 and so we had 3 chances to win her. In the event that we won more than one Saber, I had the decision of either selling her or keeping her but I didn’t need to make that decision until they announced the results. On Dec 24, the day of judgment we did not hear anything from Volks and we thought we might have to go an alternative route to obtain Saber – until I came home for lunch and received an email from Volks. My heart was racing as I scrolled down to read the email. I finally got to the middle of the email and this is what it said:

“Thank you for waiting. We are happy to let you know that you will be
able to purchase the following items!

DD “Fate/unlimited codes” Saber Lily

We expect to process payments for these items on Wednesday,
December 29th, so please be aware of that.”

I was like “OMG I won a spot to purchase Saber!” I forwarded the email right away to Laura and she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she read the email! She told me that I could keep Saber for myself but I said we entered in the lottery for her, not for me. She was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. In the coming days Laura was talking to Sam about Saber and me, and they both decided they wanted to buy me a DD Yukino as a thanks for letting them have Saber. I humbly declined the offer and told them I didn’t have room for one, but I did ask them maybe to help me with the expenses when I go to Japan later in the year.

Three months later, I received DD Saber Lily on Friday from Volks. I love how fast ground service is when you live near the location of where it’s being sent from. It took a mere two days! The only problem I have is that UPS sometimes delivers VERY LATE to my area. On Friday morning I check the tracking and it told me that it was on the truck for delivery. I had two predictions of when it would come and they were around 12 P.M. and around 5 P.M., boy was I was wrong. It didn’t come until after 7 P.M. which means I waited a good 12 hours from when it got in the truck to when it  arrived at my house. Do you guys ever get deliveries this late?

So this ends part 1 of Saber’s journey to my house. The next destination is CANADA.

Now for the photos!

I love the little illustrations they put on the warning labels, they are so cute!

Her Sword comes in a separate box for protection!

Naked and Sacred.

Her skirts!

Instructions along with a pair of hands in gloves.

Remember don’t tug on the ponytail too hard!

Her armor pieces come with switchable feet since they didn’t design boots that she can fit in.

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