What’s on your plate this season?

So I found this very convenient chart that list all the shows, OVAs, and movies airing this season. It also includes small summaries about the shows. If you’d like a bit more detail on the shows airing this season please head over to Random Curiosity, one of my favorite anime blogs which I’ve been following for years. During the Winter season I was a bit worried about the small list showing but those have washed away with how many we have this Spring! We have a whopping 42 shows! (Not including OVAs and movies!) I’m excited since there are several sequels I am looking forward to like Maria Holic Alive | まりあ†ほりっく あらいぶ , The World Only God Knows, and Seikon No Qwaswer. I’m also gonna check out the first episodes of a lot of the shows. At first glance it would be about 20 shows. Despite the delays and Japan’s current situation this season should be pretty awesome! Click here for the full version spring

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