Unboxing MDD Cirno!

So it’s been over a year since I posted anything. Hooray for lazy/life/procrastination/everything else getting in the way. I got so swept up posting on DollfieDreams forums and flickr that I let my blog fall to the side.

So I thought I’d throw up a quickie. June 1st marked my first Volks International Lottery win and my first limited MDD – Cirno! To mark the occasion I decided to vlog it – mostly because I was short on time and had LOTS of moving to help my sister with. I also uploaded photos, they’re after the links to the videos. (I am not in the mood to figure out embedding… >_< Enjoy! Unboxing MDD Cirno (Part 1)

Unboxing MDD Cirno (Part 2)

Cirno Box + Extra Outfit

Extra Outfit

Cirno Box Detail (side)

Elle helps <3

Cirno in her plastic cocoon!

Instructions! - How to put on magnet harness

Instructions! All her bits and bobs

Cirno's wings all packaged up

Cirno's wings - detail

Cirno and the Volks DDH06 limited faceup

Cirno - mouth detail

Cirno (front)

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