Plastic Fantastic is a combined effort between a few collaborators: Laura, Bob, and Sam.

Our history at a glance:

Laura and Sam originally started this site because they wanted somewhere to post their opinion on figures and to showcase pieces in their collection. Unfortunately despite the pushing and prodding of fellow figure community friends Laura just couldn’t get herself into gear. That was until she decided to ask Bob to join up with her and Sam. Now with renewed vigor and a new team structure Plastic Fantastic is ready to try again! Please bear with them while they fall into a rhythm and figure out what it is that they’d like to discuss on the site. (Reviews? News? Opinions? Probably all three!)

Our pages on MyFigureCollection.net

PlasticFantastic (Laura and Sam’s collection combined)

TheBobness22 (Bob’s collection)


A little more about Laura:

I have been into anime since as far back as I can remember. When I was little I LOVED to watch Sailor Moon and I would get up extra early just to watch it before school. While in high school I was able to really feed my hunger for anime with my older brother’s manga and movies – this is where I was exposed to the Akira manga as well as other classics like Ghost in the Shell and Ranma 1/2. I also fell in love with a series called Vision of Escaflowne and it has probably shaped my anime love the most. My video gaming became HEAVILY influenced by the introduction of Pokemon to game boy! All through university I kept up with all sorts of different anime and Pokemon games and started to read Danny Choo’s blog.  I also attended local conventions and started to play more video games like Final Fantasy. After getting full time work I was able to start buying more products related to my love of anime and video games. I’ve been collecting Transformers toys since the Beast Wars/Beasties show aired on TV. I started to seriously collect figures in the summer of 2009 when I received my very first figma: Miku! It’s been a downhill slope from there… (´・ω・`)


A little more about Sam:

I started playing the Final Fantasy video games around the release of FFVII. This led to me getting into collecting the Play Arts Final Fantasy figures around 2006. I also started to collect Kingdom Hearts figures around the same time. It wasn’t until I started dating Laura in 2008 that I started to watch anime. As her figure interests started to blossom so did mine – though I leave most of the ordering up to her since she seems to know exactly what I’ll love. In 2009 I started to get into 1/10 scale RC cars and by late 2010 I expanded onto 1/10 scale rock crawlers. Now I spend a large amount of my free time tinkering and experimenting with my RC stuff and I hope to share some of my knowledge with anyone interested. I contribute heavily on the RCCrawler.com forums as well. (You may need to be signed in to see my profile!)


A little more about Bob:

I have been a big anime fan since I was small but it was only recently I got into the world of anime figures and now my room is full of them. I wanted to do more with them than just display on my shelves so I decided to join Laura and Sam and express my love for these creative pieces of art. On that note I will be posting my collection of figures in the days to come, once I finish cleaning and organizing.


About the Author

Dollfie Dream enthusiast, figure collector, anime lover, mystical internet unicorn.. I think that about sums it up.. ^_^