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  • Review: Volks SD Carrying Case (Mixed Tweed)

    Hey everybody! Time for more Dollfie related goodness! Today we’re going to take a look at Volks’ SD Carrying Case! This bag comes in a lattice black and this lovely tweed which I’ll be reviewing (a link to the tweed bag is at the end). […]

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  • Bob’s Ultimate Setup Final Ver.

    Bob shares with us his delicious collection and killer setup!

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  • Changing Dollfie Dream’s Eyes

    Changing your Dollfie’s eyes can make a huge difference in how she looks. There are many tutorials floating around on the web to reference which is how we learned the basics of how to do this ourselves. The tutorial we followed the most closely was […]

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  • What’s on your plate this season?

    So I found this very convenient chart that list all the shows, OVAs, and movies airing this season. It also includes small summaries about the shows. If you’d like a bit more detail on the shows airing this season please head over to Random Curiosity, one of […]

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  • iPhones and mobile casino

    A brief and cheerful introduction from PlasticFantastic's very own Bob.

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  • Hyakka Ryouran!

    Collection Update: February 2011

    An in-depth look into how Laura and Sam display their plastic ladies! (And gentlemen too!)

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